Lifestyle Wellness Rx: A Prescription


lifestyle wellnessRx is generally understood as a doctor’s prescription. It comes from Latin and means, recipe or take. Though I am not a doctor, I do offer a prescription.

Lifestyle Wellness Rx arrives on the scene as an antidote. As an antidote to what, you might ask.

Lifestyle Wellness Rx is an antidote for immunity against the possible negative outcomes in a world that appears (to me) increasingly dishonest, self-absorbed, and needing control.

Such a world offers its own “cultural prescription.”(1) My view is that when we, as individuals, unwittingly ‘take’ today’s cultural prescription, we are also left to bear its many side effects of a physical, mental, financial, relational, social and/or spiritual nature.

I doubt that I’m telling you anything you did not already know.

The Lifestyle Wellness Rx prescription is holistic in administration, addressing whole-person wellness. Published studies and articles share the fact that one’s lifestyle can be a breeding ground for a variety of ills including (but not limited to) migraines, obesity, social anxiety, depression, diabetes and even cancer. This article is one example of what is becoming more commonly understood: “Do YOUR lifestyle habits put you at risk? Fewer than half of Americans are aware of what they can do to prevent cancer”

Where does cannabis come in? Cannabis is an ancient herbal plant, now legal medicinally in over half of the United States, including DC. As a versatile, non-toxic and beneficial plant, it has been an ally to  humans throughout human history, and also proven to have little to no side effects. Cannabis, by the inclusion of over 100 different compounds, can affect a variety of different health conditions both physically and mentally.

Those with a determination to be well, despite societal expectations and current personal challenges, can receive the fruits of wellness by taking a prescription to restore body, mind and soul.

(1) Patricia Evans, Controlling People (Adams Media), 2002

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