Cannabis as a Tool for Transformation

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In this time of continued great uncertainty during strange dystopian days of lockdown and masks, I see a brilliant opportunity for a post-pandemic reality that far exceeds doom-filled media projections.

The questions become: To whom or to what do we rely on for our information? What if more and more of us, one by one, chose to turn away from the corporate news and choose to cultivate a felt sense of love instead of fear? What difference would it make since we are not the ones in power and authority? Would it matter?

I am reminded of this poem written centuries ago. Though written in a different time and context, it remains relevant during this time of Covid.

`Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number–
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you–
Ye are many — they are few.’
~ Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1792-1822

A Revolution of the Heart

A revolution of the heart begins with, and can be claimed by, each and every one of us. Given how many are already focused on their inner transformation, (that unites our physical human with our nonphysical BEING), there’s no telling what we can then accomplish collectively: the world we would prefer to live in, awaits.

Human = outer, physical, finite, personal, negative emotions, control: conditioned by family, race, culture, generation
BEING = inner, nonphysical, infinite, impersonal, positive emotions, freedom: unconditioned, universal, and eternal

By consciously, seeking to erase old mental and emotional programs of only ‘being human’, we can heal individually and enjoy our full birthright as human beings. The path getting there varies, albeit religion, meditation, being in nature or the judicious use of cannabis, etc., yet all can lead to the one and the same inexhaustible source energy of deep love and support. It’s an idea whose time has come.

My Own Experience

As someone who has been on a healing journey for 50+ years, I have traveled many different paths for the health of my body and mind. In a similar way I have also surrendered my ‘human’ to discover and integrate BEING.

The benefits for me using cannabis have been many: the recovery of my body from chronic pain, the awareness and processing of negative beliefs, and the deepening of my personal connection with infinite source energy, releasing self-imposed limitations of who I am.

Of course, using cannabis carefully (with some THC) to help transcend ingrained beliefs and find our true identity, is nothing new; it is an ancient practice. However, with cannabis prohibition in the U.S. in 1937, the fix was in. Use became immoral for any purpose, let alone for the joyous expansion of one’s stuck, self-defeating perspectives and beliefs.

The Cannabis Advantage

Outside the stigma box, I believe cannabis used judiciously for the purpose of whole person wellbeing is important medicine at this time. Though many paths lead to the same inner expansion and knowing, cannabis is more expedient; it provides a jumpstart and shortcut to insight, calm and inspiration. While this is exactly what SO many people want and need right now, I can only guess that the reason people, (in legal states), deny themselves such benefits is precisely due the 80+ years of propaganda.

When we realize ourselves as part of nature and the miracle of life, everything starts to shift in a good way. We become more resilient and can begin to envision a post-pandemic world that works for everyone.

Darkness in the time of Covid has been punctuated by personal tragedy, corruption, chaos and confusion, but will not win. It is only grist for the mill while millions worldwide see through the dark and connect with the infinite light of BEING. As we step into the highest version of ourselves the personal reset to love, inspiration and harmonious relationships is 100% real.

Does it make a difference? I say yes!

September 23, 2020

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  1. Nancy Southern says:

    Well spoken and a reflection of my experience with cannabis also. It’s been a remarkable ally in the journey to physical wellness and spiritual growth and empowerment as a being of consciousness co-creating a new reality that indeed works for everyone. Thank You for your ability to use words to expand the realm of possibilities in the mind others.

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