The CannaWisdom Process™

tapping into wellbeing


Welcome to the CannaWisdom Process™ an innovative self-care online course. Using cannabis medicinally as a catalyst for wellbeing, we can minimize stress and diminish mood disorders. When feeling disconnected from life, we just go through the motions and may feel hopeless.

For millennia, the cannabis plant has helped human beings heal, body-mind and soul. Beginning with the mind and emotions, we gain access to an inexhaustible, inner resource of connection to something larger than our personality.

Given that the mind-body connection is one system, mental and emotional healing naturally facilitates the physical. Western medicine still typically separates the mind and the body when it comes to health, focusing mostly on the body. Yet without an actual felt-sense of wellbeing, physical health is more difficult to sustain.

Getting reconnected on the inside is a beautiful thing. With educated use, non-toxic cannabis cultivates that reconnection. The freedom to connect with a universal resource of infinite intelligence is innate – a natural part of being human – that no one, or any situation, can ever take away.

Informed use of cannabis can help activate intuition and expand our capacity to recognize our inner light. We are refreshed with insight, inspiration and encouragement.

Click here to check out this online course of empowering step-by-step instructions. Learn about the cannabis plant and its many benefits, how to navigate cannabis dispensaries to find your perfect product and the art of self-dosing to ‘reset’ stress, anxiety and depression to a felt-sense of wellbeing and inspirational energy.

“Problems are best solved not on the level where they appear to occur but on the next level above them….Problems are best solved by transcending them and looking at them from a higher viewpoint. At the higher level, the problems automatically resolve themselves because of that shift in point of view, or one might see there was no problem at all.” ~David R. Hawkins. 2009. Healing and Recovery.