Cannabis as Preventative Medicine

cannabis medicine

Cannabis is powerful preventative medicine. Both CBD and medical marijuana used responsibly on a regular basis and before you are ill, can greatly contribute to a quality life experience along with a balanced diet, rest, exercise and a lower stress profile. Learning how cannabis prevents many disease processes is about the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in our bodies. Read more »

Covid-19, Immune Function and Cannabis

a least harmful medicine

Since cannabis used medicinally is non-toxic, it makes sense to consider using it to manage inflammation and perhaps contribute to immunity from Covid-19, or as an additional treatment once 'infected'. Read more »

Compelling Validation of New Cannabis Study

cannabis heals

As time goes on more compelling validation for the health and wellness benefits of cannabis can be found. In June 2020 a study was done that breaks down the increase in quality of life for the control group using cannabis. Read more »

420 Celebration, Quarantine and Wellbeing

420 Holiday

On this the 420 day of cannabis celebration I celebrate all the many ways medicinal cannabis supports personal wellbeing. Especially during Quarantine 2020 I celebrate the way medicinal cannabis can pull someone out of the doldrums of depression and anxiety to refresh body, mind and soul. Truly amazing. Read more »

Covid-19: Seeking Silver Linings

empowered human being

When you take a giant step outside your mind you can find infinite intelligence awaits you and transforms fear into a quality of heartfelt awareness that changes the way you think and live. It is the great equalizer. Read more »

CBD Scammers: Not all CBD is created equally

Buyer beware

With the legalization of cannabis, there are some bad actors on the scene when it comes to quality CBD. Most purchasers have not learned what to look for and so end up with an inferior product that may actually not be good for their health. Don't be taken in by the Green Rush! Read more »

CBD to the Rescue

Cannabidiol CBD

Cannabidiol, CBD, has become the darling of the cannabis family. Given the sigma still attached to psychoactive marijuana for many, CBD has served to make cannabis respectable, once again. It has also opened the door to additional education about the multiple benefits contained in all of the known cannabinoid molecules in the plant. Read more »