Covid-19, Immune Function and Cannabis

a least harmful medicine

Since cannabis used medicinally is non-toxic, it makes sense to consider using it to manage inflammation and perhaps contribute to immunity from Covid-19, or as an additional treatment once 'infected'. Read more »

Cannabis as a Tool for Transformation

higher love

Spiritual connection is a powerful answer to the questions surrounding Covid and life going forward. Using cannabis judiciously, we are individually able to gain a joyous expanded view of who we are beyond the limitations of pesonal identity. When we and millions of others become the best version of ourselves, the world can shift in positive and healthy ways to the benefit of all. Read more »

420 Celebration, Quarantine and Wellbeing

420 Holiday

On this the 420 day of cannabis celebration I celebrate all the many ways medicinal cannabis supports personal wellbeing. Especially during Quarantine 2020 I celebrate the way medicinal cannabis can pull someone out of the doldrums of depression and anxiety to refresh body, mind and soul. Truly amazing. Read more »

Covid-19: Seeking Silver Linings

empowered human being

When you take a giant step outside your mind you can find infinite intelligence awaits you and transforms fear into a quality of heartfelt awareness that changes the way you think and live. It is the great equalizer. Read more »

Cannabis for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

medicinal cannabis

Not many people are aware of the ongoing medical research for therapeutic cannabis use. Dr. Ethan Russo is known worldwide for discovering the fact that our endocannabinoid system (ECS) can become deficient and how cannabis in many instances can boost the ECS back to full function. In this blog I include a link to an interview where he discusses what is currently known regarding cannabis use for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. Read more »

Cannabis for Seniors: Don’t be afraid of a little psychoactivity

THC as Medicine

Seniors (and others) are missing out by ignoring the equally important and proven benefits of THC. Other than some amazing physical benefits offered by this cannabis compound is also it's proven anti-anxiety benefit - how small amounts can help someone calm down and look at issues in their life differently from their typical, default thinking patterns. Getting a new perspective can change everything. Read more »

Seniors are Doing It: Medical Marijuana

Life is Short

The Baby Boomers and the elderly are getting clued-in to reducing the number of pharmaceutical drugs they are taking by learning about the effective use medical marijuana for what ails them. Quality of life concerns have led them to it. They are not waiting to get the green light from the Feds who have listed cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug with no medicinal value. Read more »