Cannabis Wisdom and the Resilient Human – Part IV

Step 3: Normalizing well-being and happiness

The counterpoint to increasing societal polarity is the increasing visibility of soul pain. Friends and family witness the ways despair has crept into the lives of their loved ones. Though more people see the matrix for what it is and don’t want to be controlled by it, the way out is elusive. See Part 1, Part II and Part III.

What will it take for well-being and happiness to prevail?

Changing locations, jobs, gender identify, diet, political or religious affiliations, partners, etc. may be helpful in the short term. However, circumstantial changes matter little when considering the overarching effect a societal matrix has on the ways we think and behave. Without an internal contextual shift from conditioned self to un-conditioned self, we only rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Due to extreme cultural polarization it occurs to me that stronger medicine beyond changing circumstances is needed to become truly resilient humans. Since no one lives in isolation of their society’s influences and each individual has an influence on their society, I believe the responsibility for collective sanity begins with the individual. The stronger medicine, therefore, is the personal and voluntary commitment to seek metanoia.

Metanoia is available to everyone

Metanoia is defined as an internal turning around: a complete change of mind or change of heart, as also defined. The felt-sense of personal freedom, well-being, happiness and the ability to thrive resiliently is available, but in another dimension of reality.

More than just words, an inner renewal of metanoia is real. The task is to align with and allow the irreducible, universal experience of being part of something larger. This experience of our ego nested within a larger context opens pathways to new perspectives that challenge rigidly-held beliefs and perceptions.

The resilient human enjoys a felt-sense of well-being and happiness, achieved successfully by any means, but as a result of the secret ingredient: personal resolve.

Medicinal cannabis as an ally to help shine a light

Obviously I’m recommending micro-dosing cannabis as one way to jumpstart a process of turning around; you can safely step outside your everyday mode of thinking to reconnect with your unconditioned self. A refreshed ‘dimension of inner spaciousness’ feels like being given a gift. This felt-sense of well-being, in turn, eases the letting go of stuck either/or patterns of thinking, stress, anxiety, depression, despair, and hate – often the precursors to chronic physical and emotional pain.

With a medicinal dose of cannabis ‘on board’, I have also received deep, useful insights. Though I’m not suggesting religion here, one’s religion may open understanding to what I’m trying to say. Medicinal cannabis, among other uses, is a tool to participate in new levels of innate human intelligence.

Typically, some amount of THC (erroneously demonized) is involved in inner exploration. Anyone interested can either meet their state’s legal medical marijuana criteria and get a medical marijuana card , currently33 states and DC, or easier yet, if in an adult-use state, currently 10 states and DC, visit a dispensary.

Nurture your resilience

“. . . free-range humans practice the following core principles: the golden rule, the nonaggression principle, the art of fighting without fighting, radical forgiveness, and radical interconnectedness (interdependence over independence over codependence).” ~Gary A. McGee

In summary, the guiding principles and beliefs inherent to the societal North American matrix do not foster personal wellness, resilience and collective peace. Wealth, gaining power over others, and fame (or even just the appearance of such) are carrots held up as what we should believe constitutes a life worth living: follow the advice of ‘experts’, view success only in terms of material wealth and consume more than necessary to ensure your image .

The jury is in; the quality of life recommended within the matrix of commerce ultimately fails to satisfy. More rewarding is the courage and personal resolve to nurture the unconditioned, (non-commercial) self for well-being that radiates out to encourage others.

As far as I can tell, a world worth leaving to future generations has at its core a commitment to mutually beneficial relationships. The Lakota Nation shares the phrase, Mitakuye Oyasin, ‘all my relations’ as one of their culture’s guiding principles. Imagine: an effortless flow from an individual’s integrated relationship of body, mind and soul, to thoughtful relationships with all others and with nature.

Here are some ways to nurture resilience:

  • Do yoga
  • Practice tai chi
  • Avail yourself of experiences that elicit awe and wonder (Psychologist, Dacher Kelner, believes it has the power to change minds; is a counterpoint to self-centeredness that can promote altruistic behavior.)
  • Look into Blue Mind
  • Spend time in nature
  • Build bonds of trust
  • Meditate
  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Chant
  • Encourage others in their endeavors
  • Read inspirational writing
  • Engage in regular, moderate exercise
  • Apply alternative health modalities
  • Explore the cycle of The Hero’s Journey
  • Consider your own Vision quest

May you find the personal resolve needed to breakthrough the matrix madness. The medicinal use of cannabis helps us hover above false divisions perpetuated by the likes of identity politics to instead discover the truth of each and every human as a part of the very same, something larger. This is how everyone wins.

“Life is short. Can’t we just have a good time?” Celine Dion

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  1. Nancy Southern says:

    Wow! You really brought it all together in an accessible and inviting way. Thank you for diving deeper into the soul level benefits of cannabis in order to fly higher into our heart felt dreams for a healthier, happier world. Namaste.

  2. Janet says:

    I like that comment of Nancy’s about the “soul level of cannabis”. Finding that level was a surprise to me in my younger days, really life changing for me. I appreciate your putting this out there!

    • Susan Boskey says:

      Thanks, Janet. Yes, life changing and not so easy to put into words! May many find this benefit in their lives.

      • Robert says:

        “The experience of our ego nested in a larger context opens pathways to new perspectives…” This sentence by itself represents a paradigm shift in that it does not demonize individual identification, but rather allows it to find its rightful function in a healthy psychology.

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