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Someone 2 Listen


Human beings thrive in relationships that engender respect, often the outcome of applied skill. Listening is essential to communication, and listening without interpreting what someone is saying is a practiced skill. These days, focused and caring listening appears to be both a great need and in short supply.

As a student of Nonviolent Communication, founded by Marshall Rosenberg, I apprenticed in the 1990’s with one of his senior certified teachers and proceeded to teach my own small-group course, Empathic Communication.

Increased communication skill may be for you if you want to:

  • Free yourself from co-dependent interactions.
  • Reduce or eliminate conversations that produce emotional violence.
  • Learn to appreciate another point of view even when you don’t agree with it.
  • Gain insight into what trips you up in both work and personal conversations.
  • Give empathy to yourself and learn how to give it to others.
  • Do not take what someone says to you personally.


        Individual sessions based on your specific communication issues. Materials included. $75. hr.
Small group session or series available. Bid proposal per request.




After sessions with Susan, I frequently find myself rethinking my methods of interacting within my home. It’s becoming a habit. She has helped me see “the real me.” Her ideas seem to lead me toward well-rounded patience, and she presents techniques with very effective ‘how to’ sessions. I’m learning to despise my old ‘goodie two shoes’ approach of discussing things with members of my family. Susan uses gentleness to help me see the crazy ‘old paths’ that don’t work for the good of others.

Doug S.