Cannabis as a Tool for Transformation

higher love

Spiritual connection is a powerful answer to the questions surrounding Covid and life going forward. Using cannabis judiciously, we are individually able to gain a joyous expanded view of who we are beyond the limitations of pesonal identity. When we and millions of others become the best version of ourselves, the world can shift in positive and healthy ways to the benefit of all. Read more »

420 Celebration, Quarantine and Wellbeing

420 Holiday

On this the 420 day of cannabis celebration I celebrate all the many ways medicinal cannabis supports personal wellbeing. Especially during Quarantine 2020 I celebrate the way medicinal cannabis can pull someone out of the doldrums of depression and anxiety to refresh body, mind and soul. Truly amazing. Read more »

Covid-19: Seeking Silver Linings

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When you take a giant step outside your mind you can find infinite intelligence awaits you and transforms fear into a quality of heartfelt awareness that changes the way you think and live. It is the great equalizer. Read more »

Cannabis Wisdom and the Resilient Human – Part IV


How long are we going to blindly accept the guiding principles and beliefs inherent to the North American Matrix when they do nothing but divide us internally and with others? Musician, Taj Majal, once suggested that we take, "a giant step outside our mind." I agree. I believe we must each look within as the primary units of a collective society to internally reset and bring back a new quality of being human to ourselves and the world. Read more »

Cannabis Wisdom and the Resilient Human – Part III

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Cannabis used medicinally can help someone who feels disconnected from themselves and life in general. We can get re-connected by experiencing who we are as as part of something larger. We are more than the self that is conditioned by society and a medicinal dose of cannabis can launch a healing, introspective journey. Read more »

Cannabis Wisdom and the Resilient Human – Part II

Trapped in the matrix?

Seeing the matrix we live in is an essential first step to escaping it and to establishing whole-person wellness. We can free ourselves from the invisible grip of a matrix of guiding principles and beliefs that fail to serve us individually, or as a culture. The medicinal use of cannabis has the plant power to jumpstart the process of restoring mental and emotional wellbeing. This article of the series 'sets the table' for a series of steps to overcome the personal impact of a negative social trajectory. Read more »

Cannabis Wisdom and the Resilient Human – Part I

interactive and reciprocal being

I believe cannabis is on the scene to help foster human resilience during this time of social divisiveness in North America. One-by one we each can reset our outlook on life and how we relate to those who don't agree with us. Let us not forget the mind and soul portion of the body, mind and soul wholistic formula.. Read more »

Therapeutic Cannabis: Towards a Transcendent Ethic

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Therapeutic cannabis is one way someone can recover from the the effects of the "addictive society" based in dualism, dishonesty and control. An experience of connectedness with something larger than our personal ego provides an expanded view of life, and hopefully also the inspiration to value others according to the Golden Rule. Read more »