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Susan Boskey
Lifestyle and Cannabis Coach

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“Most people don’t know that our bodies were created to heal themselves” ~Farrah Agustin-Bunch, M.D.


I help people break through the downward spiral of their health and lifestyle issues currently undermining the quality of their life,  and especially for the seniors, since I am one .

By identifying key stressors that keep you down, and deciding to be done with them, my cannabis and lifestyle strategies can help you move on.

As your Cannabis Coach, we discuss what you want to accomplish by using cannabis.

As regards the impact of your lifestyle, I want to know what your life goals are; what’s working for you; and what might be keeping you from what you want to achieve. We zoom-in to view your current circumstances, digging down to root causes that may be keeping you stuck. We also discuss how lifestyle changes and other healing modalities could accelerate your cannabis therapy.

In both cases, I incorporate your input into a personalized care plan, which includes what I believe would be the best cannabis formulation and delivery system to support your unique needs and goals.

Located in Bellingham, Washington

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Gen 1: “God has given us every herb bearing seed.”…everything growing on this earth is for the use of humans. D&C 89: “All wholesome herbs for the use of man…with prudence and thanksgiving.”

These scriptures have always been a powerful, useful guide to me in my health-seeking life. This current crazy journey with cervical cancer challenged me. My husband and children saying “do everything, Mom” caused me to pursue the cannabis path along with chemo and radiation. I procured some palatable CBD oil and a dear friend gave me access to RSO. Susan helped me with suggestions about dosing and provided a great deal of useful information over the course of 6 months of both medical treatment and taking cannabis daily.

The medical docs now say I’m clear of the tumor and cancelled the last two radiation treatments. Thank God! They were horrific! I’ve also discovered that rubbing CBD oil on a 2 yr. old wrist tendon problem that threatened to destroy my jewelry-making career made it to almost totally disappear in three treatments – an issue chiropractic and acupuncture had not resolved.

My motto is Herbs for Man!!

Janet Walker
Bellingham, Washington


Susan was receptive and listened to my symptoms. She worked with me to custom tailor a dosage that helped alleviate much of my pain. She will go above and beyond to create a customized, individualized treatment plan for you.

FG  Bellingham, WA


Thanks so much for your caring, wisdom, and solid advice!! Last night I slept much better… got about 5 solid hours which I’m very pleased about.
Mesa, Arizona