Is All Cannabis Use Self-Medication?

blotto with cannabis

A cultural meme has evolved regarding cannabis use asserting that all cannabis use is self-medication whether someone realizes it or not. It's a bold-faced statement deserving of a closer look. Is it true? Motivated by commercialization? Or . . .? What do you think? Read more »

Cannabis for Health: Not Ready for Prime Time

Medical Cannabis Super Bowl

Who would have thought that the Super Bowl would air a commercial about the importance of families having access to 'Medical Marijuana?' You are correct, practically no one. Yet this 30-second commercial is a harbinger of things to come. Even if cannabis used for health stays pretty much off the radar, we still win by sharing this well-done clip. Read more »

No Contest: Cannabis vs. Alcohol

Alcohol is a carcinogenic

Science tells us that alcohol is a known carcinogen, no matter what level of consumption, and is documented to be of higher risk to human health than cannabis. Yet alcohol is widely accepted without question. Why? This may be a case where facts and risk factors don't matter to most people when the alternative is plagued with social stigma. Perhaps, in reality, facts don't matter until a majority of people agree with them. Read more »