Covid-19: Seeking Silver Linings

empowered human being

When you take a giant step outside your mind you can find infinite intelligence awaits you and transforms fear into a quality of heartfelt awareness that changes the way you think and live. It is the great equalizer. Read more »

Cannabis is More than Medicine

Cannabis portal to better health

The cannabis plant is an ally beyond its many medicinal uses. Its interface with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) has opened up a whole new world of possibilities to medical researchers for discovering ways to help humans and animals sustain good health for the long-term. Read more »

Cannabis Yin and Yang

Cannabis is bomodal

Is cannabis good or bad for you? The answer varies depending on how you use it. One of the identifying characteristics of the cannabis plant is that it is bimodal. When answering the good/bad question, it helps to understand what bimodal means. Hopefully understanding this will encourage more people to consider using cannabis medicinally to receive its many benefits. Read more »

Audio Interview WJFF New York


If you would like to learn more about cannabis, its uses and legal issues, Susan covers the waterfront in this 29 minute audio interview given by an NPR affiliate in New York State on a program called Catskill Characters with Donna Fellenberg. Read more »

Holism, Health and Cannabis

Cannabis is bomodal

Holism offers the advantage of an aerial viewpoint. When you grasp the whole of something, you can also see its component parts and how they are all interconnected and interdependent. Human health, when viewed holistically, considers the full spectrum of one’s body, mind, soul and lifestyle in order to help restore it. Cannabis, due to its complexity as a plant of many diverse compounds, has the natural power to impact several human health conditions when used medicinally. Read more »

Lifestyle Wellness Rx: A Prescription

lifestyle wellness

The Lifestyle Wellness Rx prescription is holistic in administration, addressing whole-person wellness and sometimes includes the therapeutic use of cannabis. Published studies and articles share the fact that one’s lifestyle can be a breeding ground for a variety of ills including (but not limited to) migraines, obesity, social anxiety, depression, diabetes and even cancer. This article is one example of what is becoming more commonly understood: “Do YOUR lifestyle habits put you at risk? Fewer than half of Americans are aware of what they can do to prevent cancer.” Read more »