Covid-19: Seeking Silver Linings

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“The outer conditions of a person’s life will always be found to be harmoniously related to his inner state…Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are.” ~James Allen, As a Man Thinketh, 1903

In only a matter of a few short weeks the entire planet is falling into lockdown like cascading dominoes. We are sliding from our normal everyday lives to something strangely unfamiliar and entirely uncharted. Shock, fear, quarantine, lack of work, increased reliance on government, social distancing and surveillance now turn our lives upside down. Dystopian fantasies leap off the page as our own true stories.

How to stem the tide of uncharted territory? I look for the silver linings.

The (w)holistic model of health and wellness reflects systems thinking: mental and physical states are not separate parts but rather one and the same, constantly interfacing and informing each other. The natural state of interconnection is the clue to finding a silver lining.

Systems thinking can help to uncover a welcomed respite from Covid-19. The default response of fear is certainly natural to disorienting disruptions beyond our control. However as time goes on some might be motivated to use their extra time to focus on restoring a sense of increased, steady wellness, which, in turn, enhances physical health and wellness. Such conscious choice may indicate limiting sources of fearful input, (like the news media), in order to fully establish a different emotional tone.

Mental anguish can be transformed once seen for what it also is: fuel for digging deeper. It offers grist for the mill of whole person healing. Along with all previously accumulated sufferings, the suffering brought on by Covid-19 delivers yet another opportunity to dig deeper into what makes us tick, what’s important, and how we want to live.

Who each of us is – is far greater than any virus. Acknowledging and choosing to release that which no longer serves and then by adding simple, practical ways to replenish ourselves and our lives, we come out ahead.

The choice to be well is a radical, voluntary act. The silver lining, as I see it, is infinite source energy, always available to help me renew my attitude and awareness. What comes to mind is a song of Taj Mahal’s I’ve always liked: “Take a Giant Step.”

No matter what the Powers That Be may have in store for us, we still have control over how we respond. Together our alignment can shift the virus trajectory to the best possible outcome while, like myself, so many determine to stay connected with the love that moves the sun and stars.

March 30, 2020

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  1. Paul Llewellyn Gray says:

    Simplicity is the part to feeling of a there or place of soul for an existence of time and thought in harmony together or apart eternal
    This could be the love we all need for a future search forward and a respect for essence and Earth together🙃🙂🌄👍

  2. Robert A Bystrom says:

    I have found solice in being able to smell something rotten from the beginning of the covid 19 campaign. I began looking for the truth of the matter and have found that yes, we are being fed an unimaginably massive lie embellished with unreliable statistics which then justify draconian restrictions on our freedoms. Being angry about being manipulated by a false narrative has proven more liberating than cowering in fear of a supposed killer disease.

    • Susan Boskey says:

      Thanks for your post.Even if there is abundant evidence of this being true, I find anger simply the flip-side of fear and also unproductive, long term.

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