Cannabis as Preventative Medicine

“Plant cannabinoids are well-known to be very safe and to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and neuroprotective properties. In cases of endocannabinoid deficiency, cannabis use may be the correcting compound, eliminating the symptoms of the condition. Regular cannabis use can decrease chronic inflammation and buildup of free radicals, both of which are thought to be the root causes of many conditions, including autoimmune and neurodegenerative disorders.” [1]                               Bonni S. Goldstein, MD

Preventative medicine focuses on the absence of disease; it’s nothing new. Back in 1970 I worked in a health food store in Chico, California called Etidorhpa, Aphrodite spelled backwards. During that period of ancient history, the book, back to eden by Jethro Kloss, was all the rage. It became the sought after bible of natural healing secrets using plants and herbs. Everyone I knew was studying it and back to eden sits on the shelf of my library to this day.

Why just have the best doctors when you may be able to prevent getting sick in the first place? Prevention requires being willing to learn about how toxins in our food, air, water and home products hurt us, and then finding all the ways to avoid their potential damage.

Beyond our physical consumption choices and the rate at which we consume them, prevention is also about staying on top of our mental and emotional wellbeing. Oddly enough, I have noticed that being proactive is this arena is often overlooked until we are unable to make a complete comeback from a difficult situation, from which none of us are spared.

Prevention is taking action to stay ahead of the game: vitamin supplementation, physical exercise and whatever makes each of us a better, more cooperative and happier human every day to keep us moving forward and and also caring about others.

The body, mind and soul were designed to be self-healing with the help of nature, of which we are a part. In my view, commerce and all its seductions has effectively moved human beings away from this core reality and led them to believe that having health insurance and taking prescribed medications is all that’s necessary. Not to mention a 24/7 news cycle, Covid-19, and the demands of work and family that have us looking for instant relief. I do get it.

Yet ultimately, most of us in first world countries, anyway, get to choose a great deal of our level of participation in the toxic world around us.

With the stigma now lifting regarding cannabis and thanks greatly to the popularity of CBD, we have access to medical marijuana in many states. Because of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) (the most widespread receptor system of the body), cannabis can be used preventatively. Its overriding and awesome physiological role is in maintaining homeostasis, balance of health for the whole of the body/mind.

The function of the ECS varies from person to person as per age, health, stress levels and daily consumption of toxins. In particular, Using cannabis preventatively, regularly and carefully can stave off many different disease processes besides its outstanding value of supporting overall homeostasis.

Cannabis (both CBD and with THC):

  • lowers inflammation especially when one’s diet has a ratio of Omega 6 fatty acids to Omega 3 fatty acids of no more than 5:1 with lower even better as cannabis is processed in our body via fatty acids.[2]
  • is associated with lower fasting insulin levels and lower insulin resistance and therefore diabetes. [3]
  • promotes quality of sleep.[4]
  • often reduces the need for prescription drugs.[5]
  • provides a new outlook for those with anxiety and depression.[6]
  • has been proven to reduce opioid deaths by 25%.[7]
  •  slows cognitive decline using THC in low doses. [8]
  • reduces chronic pain. [9]

I believe that on every front preventative medicine is the way to go whenever possible.
October 7, 2020

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