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Financial Wellness: The Quality Life Plan®


Most everyone wants to build wealth, get out of, and stay out of debt. Unfortunately, the expectations of today’s American-lifestyle typically lead to mounting personal debt followed by challenges to both health and relationships.

A desired quality of life may exist only as a public facade while, behind closed doors, many suffer deeply due to personal finances.

There are lots of financial wellness programs out there. However, I’ve never seen any that address the most critical factor for long-term financial success. In both good times and bad, it’s about how money, (in context of a monetary system), systemically extracts personal wealth over time.

The result? A diligent subscriber to this or that financial-wellness strategy still ends up with a proverbial “hole in their bucket” and never knows why their hard-earned lower or debt-free status is impossible to sustain.

For four intensive years I studied with a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) to learn a new approach to personal finance. I studied:

  • The history of money
  • The way money functions in the context of a monetary system
  • The additional set of necessary strategies needed to counterbalance financial factors seldom taught to traditional planners

Given the needed revision of traditional personal-finance concepts, those who “get it” learn to restructure their thinking about money and then apply new tactics to how they earn, spend, save and invest.

In 2007 I published the do-it-yourself workbook, The Quality Life Plan® 7 Steps to Uncommon Financial Security, and have had the privilege of successfully helping clients transition to a more comprehensive, holistic approach to personal finance for greater peace of mind and increased opportunity to build wealth.


Individual sessions with materials included. $75. hr.
Five 1-2 hour sessions with an assessment and customized plan. $1500.




“Since reading The Quality Life Plan’s 7 Steps and reassessing my understanding of the global monetary picture, as well as my spending and earning habits, I’ve begun to feel much more positive about my financial future. By changing certain things about the way I spend I have already freed up some resources. But even better, since I have started to focus on new ways to expand my income, I have found a very enjoyable way to earn, which gives me more hope than ever for both the security of my family and personal fulfillment.”

Software Developer
New Jersey

I’ve read dozens of books on personal finance and I’ve taken a skim through hundreds. I can honestly say The Quality Life Plan is the best material I’ve ever laid my hands on. Thank you so much for producing such great work.

Nik Sieber
Sarnia, Canada

Because of working with Susan, I have found some outside-the-box creative ways to preserve my capital for my later years. I may never have considered what I finally ended up doing if I had not learned about how the hidden risks of the monetary system affect my long-term financial security. But now I know and can sleep better as a result.

Sara Todd, MFT
Bellingham, Washington