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Susan’s Story


Susan is intrigued by what it takes to age well into our golden years. With over 45 years of personal involvement in the spectrum of wellness modalities, she has had the privilege of helping amazing clients achieve the outcomes they were seeking.

Her path to becoming a lifestyle-wellness and cannabis coach began at an early age as a child and young adult who always asked, “why?”, questioning social conventions.

As a college student in the ’60’s she observed how what the majority of adults believed and based their decisions on had everything to do with what others would think of them. Common sense and critical thinking took a backseat to the unspoken expectation for conformity to the prevailing cultural mindset.

Believing it didn’t have to be this way, Susan chose a more uncertain path. Her curiosity about life, and health in particular, fueled her determination to learn everything she could to help herself and others.

The paradigm of whole-person wellness, (body, mind and soul), is the foundation of her practice. As a non-physician coach she enjoys the added flexibility of providing in-depth regimens for her clients.

Listen to this 25-minute interview with Susan on a National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate talk-show, December 2017. Here is the link.