CBD Scammers: Not all CBD is created equally

Buyer beware

With the legalization of cannabis, there are some bad actors on the scene when it comes to quality CBD. Most purchasers have not learned what to look for and so end up with an inferior product that may actually not be good for their health. Don't be taken in by the Green Rush! Read more »

Cannabis Use Disorder: The Dark Side

Cannabis product

There are two sides to every story, including for cannabis. Cannabis Use Disorder speaks not to the substance but to someone's propensity to over-consume. This is also the case for food, exercise, sex, work alcohol, accumulating things, Internet use, pharmaceutical drugs, cannabis, gambling, etc. We have only ourselves to examine when we misuse a substance or process because it likely masks one of our unidentified and unaddressed personal issues. Read more »

Medical Marijuana, Harry Anslinger and the Legal Challenge

Cannabis Stigma

Who wants to be branded a pot head in our drug-test economy? Not anyone I know. It’s a costly label garnered from a stereotype of those who abuse cannabis but typically don’t think they are. The ‘evil drug’ mental construct placed on cannabis officially dates back only 81 years in the United States. One man, Harry Anslinger, made it happen. Read more »